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The Blue Butterfly

The Blue Butterfly

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Publication Date: August 19th, 2020
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(General Fiction)
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A beautiful tale of a blue caterpillar's transformation to a stunning butterfly with wings

The Blue Butterfly tells the story of the transformation of one of our world's most beautiful creatures. Young readers will get to choose the name of the caterpillar and help tell this wonderful story. It all begins when the caterpillar watches in awe at all the creatures that were so fortunate to have wings. The caterpillar wondered if it was possible for him to have wings too.

Discover the power of patience to transform into who you always dreamed to be

Some fliers had small, yet powerful wings and some had colorful, elegant wings. The blue caterpillar is saddened that he did not have wings and wished to join fliers like ladybug and bumblebee in the meadow. With a little spot of perseverance, patience and belief, the blue caterpillar eventually gets his wings.

Spread your wings and soar to new heights when you believe in your dreams

The sun was shining bright the next day, brighter than it had ever been. The blue caterpillar opened his eyes and slowly stretched his body only to feel he was bigger than before. My oh my He flapped a pair of fresh, new wings before leaping into the sky with joy. Because he believed in his dreams, the blue caterpillar was now a fly guy amongst other backyard bugs.

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