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Book Trade-In

Trade-Ins and Donations

We accept your gently used books in exchange for credit. We do not offer cash for used books. For more information please read our frequently asked questions below.

What types of books do you accept?

In order to offer you quality used books, we are selective about the books we choose. What we accept on any given day changes based on our current inventory and sales trends. The amount of credit issued will depend on a number of factors: format, condition, subject matter, availability, and sales potential. Think about the kinds of books you would like to find in our store. These are the quality and type of books we want the most. 

We are not an antiquarian or rare books dealer, nor do we do bulk buys of estates or collections. If you are looking for someone to take books of this type, we are able to make recommendations, but cannot accept them here.

Books we are unable to accept:

  • Hardcovers, with the occasional exceptions for cookbooks and Children’s picture books
  • Harlequin Category titles
  • Reader’s Digest Books
  • Large-format (coffee table) books
  • Noisy books
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Audio CDs
  • DVDs
  • Books that are visibly damaged (torn or stained, pages falling out, books highlighted or written in, mildewed, etc.)
  • School or Public Library books (Please donate these to Canby Library)
  • Imagination Library books (Please donate these to Canby Kiwanis)

Books we may not accept:

  • A title with a copy or copies already on our shelves
  • The author or subject is not selling for us
  • Travel guides more than one year old

Categories we generally do not accept:

  • Crafting books
  • Art books
  • Music books (learn to play, sheet music, etc.).

How many books can I bring in at a time? 

Please limit to two (2) grocery-sized bags or the equivalent per visit. Your books will be processed and credit added to your account within a week of drop off.  Any books we are unable to use must be picked up within a week of us contacting you or will be considered abandoned and credit may be deducted from your account to cover the cost of us storing and disposing of them.

We are unable to recycle or donate for you.

How much will you give me for my used books?

The trade-in value of your used books may be as much as 25% of the cover price depending on condition, author, and current inventory. We do not offer cash for used books. 

How do I know how much credit is in my account?

You can ask a bookseller to pull up your customer account at any time to check on store credit, special orders and purchase history. 

How do I use my store credit?

At check out let us know you would like to use your store credit and we’ll pull up your customer account, which will apply your credit automatically.

Your available trade-in credit gives you 10% off new books and 50% off used books until the credit is gone. The remaining balance of your purchase must be paid by cash, credit card, or gift card. (i.e.: For a $5.00 used book purchase, $2.50 will be deducted from the trade credit in your customer account and you will owe $2.50.)

Trade-in credit cannot  be used on other book categories (vintage, sale cart, etc.) or any non-book product.

Does my Trade credit ever expire?

Unused credit expires after 3 years.


Thank you so much for your interest and thank you for supporting your local bookstore!